Maui Hawaii: Paradise in the Pacific


Maui… The Valley Isle

I was once a flight attendant, and the world was at my fingertips. Free flights to anywhere in the US, and of all the premier destinations, Maui Hawaii lured me in first. I boarded the flight, and the runways destination was a tropical paradise.


It WAS the bluest ocean I’ve ever seen…

I hopped in my rental and ventured off to the west side of Maui. As the ocean appeared in view I discovered that the waters of the pacific were as clear as crystal. The large islands juxtaposed against the sea were a spectacle worth the 8 hour flight.


The Hawaiian License Plate is a Rainbow for a Reason…

Many times I journeyed to Maui, for the pleasure of reliving the magic. My third trek I had the pleasure of viewing a full rainbow over the Maui sky. The colors crystal clear as we were already standing on the treasure at the end of the rainbow.


Snorkeling With Friends, All of Nature Wild and Free…

I spent many hours floating in the ocean off Blackrock and Kapalua Bay beach. The waters are pristine for snorkeling. Beneath the waves lies a treasure trove of coral reefs and colorful fish. Why own an aquarium when nature provides the best front seat to the undersea life you could ask for. Among the array of fish are usually sea turtles who come to greet you. Truly magical.


 Views for Breakfast, Views for the Soul…

I peered out the breakfast deck to see a sight so clear. Morning came and the locals recommended Betty’s Beachside cafe. Along side a delicious plate of eggs, sausage, pancakes and coconut syrup, lies a peaceful view that kisses your senses like a tropical Hawaiian breeze.


My Sister and I at the Dance of Sunset…

On one of my journeys I brought my mother and sister to enjoy the islands. The first night they were greeted by a sight grown familiar to me. No one may ever truly devour a true sunset view until they have seen it on the Hawaiian Islands!


Every Evening the Sea Turtles Come Ashore…

North of the airport is a nestled beach where the turtles come to rest. Paia is where tourists can come and see almost a hundred turtles up close and personal, if you didn’t already see them on your snorkel adventures. Come around 4pm in order to secure good parking, and see them crawl onto the sandy beaches.

Every Time We Say Good-Bye, I Die A Little

I board the evening flight to Dallas, back to reality. Most flights leave after dark. I watch the sunset one last time, and breath in one last breath of island air. When the flight takes off the glinting of lights below vanish into the clouds. Maui  grows further away with each passing minute. Slowly I drift off to sleep, my sun kissed skin still warm. and I tell myself… I will return..

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